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Little Pieces Of Paper With "No" Written On Them

by Car Seat Headrest

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after doing albums 1 and 2, I started work on a project I was calling "stabby ode". I was gonna take all the tracks from Abbey Road, reverse them, cut out loops from them, build songs around the loops, and then take out the loops. I finished six songs before losing interest. can you guess which song this came from?
apparently the last track from the stabby ode project. I'd just gotten a mac and was totally new to garageband, so why does this sound better-produced than a lot of my later stuff?
from another abandoned project. after album 4, I started college at VCU and only had my acoustic guitar with me, so I was thinking of making an acoustic album. eventually I just brought up my electric guitar. I don't really like this song but other people seem to.
this is a track from 'sunburned shirts', an EP originally released before album 5. Like five months after 5 was released I decided to take out the worst tracks from the EP and the album and combine the two.
neon sign 03:09
originally for a podcast, in an episode about the periodic table. I don't know if that episode was ever released
more from stabby ode
this was written after attending orientation for VCU, where I found out that everyone in the Honors program was required to participate in a field day thing with a ropes course. like with rock climbing and that stuff. that's when I started hating VCU
I had to wait a while for the album art for 5, which ended up being good because it gave me enough time to realize this song was crap. it was replaced with strangers
my favorite piece from the VCU acoustic recordings. I was not in a good place in those days.
more from the sunburned shirts EP
squid desert 03:23
one of the last songs from stabby road, I was losing steam. also apparently SMOKES was being written during this time
ff 03:47
this was recorded before I even started car seat headrest. I included it because album 2 has another version of it (which was actually an edited version of the demo)
nothing 03:00
my favorite track from stabby ode that ended up on this album. attractive like a pomegranate
surf jerk 02:32
deleted from 5 when it was combined with sunburned shirts. I don't dislike it but the ending is similar to stoop kid's, which came right before it
also originally from 5, yikes!
total burn 02:24
I have no information about this track. I guess I made it one day.
the first song I recorded with garageband
another song from the acoustic era. a friend had invited me to come live with him in a faraway state but I could not. I kind of hate this song, why is it here? GET OUT
removed from 5, maybe unjustly, but I had a long song prepared for the second to last slot on Twin Fantasy and this was the second to last song on 5 and I didn't want it to become A Thing.
wrote this after graduating high school and getting a whammy pedal


2017 update: calm tf down I don't actually hate this album


released December 8, 2010


all rights reserved



Car Seat Headrest

MADLO 2020. Band pic by Carlos Cruz.

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